Earwax Removal

Earwax Removal

Our bodies produce earwax to trap any dirt or debris that could get into the ear and cause harm, also lubricating the ear canal and preventing bacteria from growing inside. Without earwax, our delicate inner ears may become more vulnerable to infection and inflammation.  Normal amounts of earwax are beneficial to our ears and in most cases does not need to be removed. But if you feel like your levels of earwax are too high, it is best to consult a doctor rather than trying any home remedies as they can potentially lead to further complications in your ears.

There are a variety of methods available for safely and effectively removing excessive earwax including Ear Irrigation, Manual Removal, and Microsuction. Below we'll discuss the benefits of each method.

Benefits of Ear Irrigation

Ear irrigation is a safe and effective procedure for removing excess wax buildup from the ear canal. The process involves flushing out the wax with a warm saltwater solution using either a syringe or small plastic device designed specifically for this purpose. This fast and non-invasive procedure is relatively painless, and can provide quick relief from discomfort associated with excessive wax buildup.

Benefits of Manual Removal Using Curette

Manual removal by curette is another common technique used to remove excess wax buildup from the ear canal. This procedure involves using a thin metal instrument, called a curette, to gently scoop out any blockages in the canal. It is important that this method is performed by a trained professional as it requires precision and care in order to be successful without causing damage to the eardrum or hearing loss. Manual removal with curettes provides an efficient way to remove excess wax buildup safely and reliably, with minimal discomfort for the patient.  

Benefits of Microsuction Method

The microsuction method utilizes a powerful suction device that quickly removes large amounts of wax buildup without causing pain or damage to the patient’s ears. This high-tech process has been proven effective in eliminating even hard-to-reach blockages from deep within the ear canal, minimizing risks.

At our practice we understand that everyone's ears are unique and require individualized care accordingly. That's why we offer multiple options for earwax removal so that we can provide the method that best suits each patients unique situation. With years of experience working with all different types of ears, our team is well equipped to help you find relief quickly and safely!

If you think that the amount of earwax in your ears is unusual, we invite you to contact our practice about the proper course of action for relief. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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